February 17, 2015

Long time, no see!

Like many other bloggers, I've moved to Instagram, where it's easier to share pictures of my latest projects.  My IG id is:  grr2011

2015 sounded so far away when my baby boys were born in 1997, but 2015 is HERE and they will graduate from high school in June.  They have both been involved in music since the 5th grade, earning many accolades for their talent.  So I'm using the music themed fabrics I have collected these past 8 years and making big star blocks, with alternating light and dark backgrounds.


The blocks are 16" finished, so each quilt with finish 80x80.  And I recently discovered they make 90" wide Minky, so the backs will be cozy for my college boys.

I've added a few things I'm looking to sell to my Destash blog.  Please check it out, some good stuff here!


  1. Hi Lisa! Nice blocks, and the fabric is perfect for your sons. I can't believe they are graduating. Your babies are all grown up!

  2. These quilts are going to be stunning. I absolutely love the blocks you have completed so far!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished quilts -- nice job, Lisa