October 29, 2009

Cindy Lou, Woo Hoo!

Cindy I didn't think I would meet this month's Year of Schnibbles deadline, but I finished Cindy Lou Who with time to spare!  I love how it turned out.  I used Minick & Simpson's Winter fabrics.  I can't wait to see what our November Schnibbles will be!

October 24, 2009

My memory fails me!

Snowball Yesterday I embarked upon Part Two of my sewing room clean-out.  The previous round consisted of tidying the easily-accessible piles, but when I read about Allyson and Nicole's challenge to make this snowball quilt, I decided I needed to go deep in the recesses of my sewing room closet to find the boxes of fabric sorted by color so I could decide what color to make my snowball quilt.

I knew that I wouldn't have enough reds, but I've always loved blue and knew that my biggest box was full of blue fabrics.  Of course, it was the furthest in and on the very bottom of a pile of other boxes.  While on my way there, I sorted through each color box, pulling out fabrics that no longer appealed to me.  Yes, I was right - woefully short on reds.  Not surprisingly, judging by my blog header, I have a very large stash of orange fabrics.  But I wanted, not another orange quilt, but something different.

I have some lovely purples, but most of those have already been cut for a scrappy purple and cream quilt that I have not yet started.

IMG_0248 Digging deeper, I finally reached my tub of blue fabrics, finding some treasures along the way that I know have lived with me since I started quilting and collecting fabric in 1993.  I opened the box of blues, and after culling out the prints that I no longer loved, here - voila - is my "huge" stash of blue fabrics.   Oh my.   For somebody who subscribes to Carrie Nelson's More-Is-Better Theory of Scrap Quilts, this will never give me the ultra scrappy look I want.  Good thing I work at a quilt store.   I think I need to go shopping!

October 18, 2009

Green Piece, month 1

Modayou1 I signed up for Moda U last year at the shop where I work part-time.   I was there for the "after party" from the previous year's Moda U and it looked like so much fun.   Sadly, there weren't enough people for the Thursday evening class, so they dropped it.   I still got my block packets, but no fellow students to encourage me to finish them.  And so I didn't....

This year Joyce convinced me to join the Moda You Green Piece BOM.   It wasn't hard to convince me - her blocks have been displayed in the shop for the last few weeks and the fabrics are just beautiful.  We had our first meeting last Thursday and the group is really fun.   It will give me a reason to finish my blocks each month for "show and tell."

Here are my first two blocks - each month we will have 2 pieced stars and 2 wool applique blocks.  The wool hasn't arrived in the shop yet, so we won't get started on those until next month.

I also worked this weekend on Cindy Lou Who for the Year of Schnibbles and also made good progress on my stunt sewing project (rows all completed, half are sewn together!).  Yes, that's right - I have 3 projects layered on top of each other on my sewing table.  This is NOT how I usually work.  I work on ONE project at a time.  This is making me certifiable.  But the good news is - I'M SEWING AGAIN!!!!!