February 28, 2011

A birthday and Eventide progress, week 2

Girls First things first - happy birthday to my darling daughter, who would be turning 11 today if it were February 29.   But since it's not a leap  year, we celebrated her bithday yesterday (well, all weekend, actually!).  She had a birthday sleepover on Saturday night, a family party on Sunday and she took 3 dozen chcolate cupcakes to school yesterday.

Here's my daughter with her two cousins - a blonde, redhead and brunette.   The blonde one is my Lily.  They are all wearing their "nerd glasses" after seeing Gnomeo and Juliet in 3D and a dinner at Red Robin.

Week2 I didn't make a lot of visible progress on Eventide this week - I was sick 3 days last week, and then there was all the birthday celebrating.   I have all my block components (quarter square triangles) finished, I just need to put them together into blocks and work on the borders.   I'm having a lot of fun with this quilt.   I love the 2 sizes of stars and the soft, romantic colors of Luna Notte.

February 21, 2011


Eventide I fell in love with this quilt when Carrie brought hers for show and tell in Illinois last fall.  I was so stricken by the soft floral beauty of this quilt that I knew I had to make one, just like Carrie's.

I laid in a supply of Luna Notte and waited for the pattern release.  As soon as I saw it available on the Fat Quarter Shop's website, I bought a copy of my very own.

When Thelma proposed the idea of a sew-along, I had to jump right in!   Well, that, and the horrible demise of the project I had started one week earlier using Pom Pom de Paris (but I can't talk about that right now, I'm still in mourning over miscut flying geese...)

I love Ohio Star blocks, and this quilt has 2 sizes.  My pieces are all cut out and production has begun on several thousand quarter square triangle blocks.  I've misplaced my favorite tool for trimming 3" QSTs - Marsha McCloskey's Precision Trimmer 3.  Have torn my sewing room apart.   Three times.  I tell you - I've got some bad ju ju going on down there.   But Eventide seems to be progressing nicely.

February 1, 2011

McGuffey in Central Park

Mcguffey First off - where the heck did January go??    I can't believe it's already February.  I did put the final border on this quilt Monday, so I'm claiming this as a January finish - my first one in 2011.

I used Kate Spain's wonderful Central Park fabric line and made the Big Schnibbles version of McGuffey.   I cut my strips 3" in order to be able to show off the Central Park fabric.  I also used the Lumiere de McGuffey variation that Carrie Nelson provides on her blog so I could feature stars in the center of the blocks.  Maybe this should be called McGuffey in Central Park, Under the Stars?

It was a fun quilt to make - bright and cheerful fabrics for a gloomy, gray January.