September 27, 2006

Pincushion of the month

Yesterday I got the email newsletter from the Buggy Barn and found out they are offering a new monthly program of pincushion kits designed by some pretty well-known quilt designers.  What a great idea for those that collect pincushions!  I'm definitely in!!

I finally FINISHED the binding of my nephew's baby quilt, at last!  Boy do I hate the handwork!  But I finished it and attached the label, so the quilt is ready to mail today.  I am so happy to be done, and hope that they will like the quilt.

When I took this quilt to the local shop to show off the longarm quilting, everyone remarked how I basted down my binding.  I asked "Doesn't everyone?" and they all voiced a resounding NO!  One gal remarked that no wonder I hated bindings, because I was basically sewing it twice!  So next time I will try my luck without the basting and see if I can manage to finish it any faster!

September 25, 2006

Pincushions and Progress

Pins I've enjoyed seeing the pincushion collections that everyone has been posting, and decided to show you mine.  The pig is made from an old quilt and I picked it up at a quilt show many years back.  My SIL and mom were with me and each bought one too, but mine gets used, and so has lost his eyes along the way, but I still get many compliments on him.  Lately, though, I've been using these wool pincushions that my SIL gave me for Christmas last year.

Stars Slow progress is being made on Anniversary Stars.  I'm still not convinced that the red stars show up enough for my taste, but I do like the design of the quilt and I love the Rhubarb & Ginger fabrics.

I spent some time this weekend going through fabrics that I want to sell at retreat this year.  Each year I seem to clean out my sewing room and then I think the stuff just multiplies until the next retreat.  I always seem to have way more "duds" than I remember!  But I usually have good luck selling and my duds always seem to find a new home!

September 20, 2006

It truly is a Red Monster

My recently finished red, black and cream quilt has taken on the nickname of Red Monster.  Last night as I was getting the 3 layers together to take to my longarm quilter, I realized it really was a monster!  I commute by bus and my longarm quilter does too.  We both work in downtown Seattle and make the exchange in her office.  However, this thing is so huge, I called her last night to arrange to meet her at her home to do the drop-off.  Unfortunately, it will have to wait until Monday.  This is for a mid-November birthday, so time is of the essence - especially since it takes me forever to hand-stitch the binding.

September 19, 2006

Sorry to disappear!

My stepfather passed away on 9/11 (and now another sad reason to remember that date), and I have spent the time since then in eastern Washington, helping my mom with all her arrangements.  It's been a very sad time and the worst part is seeing my mom so heartbroken.  They were married 21 years and he was the love of her life.   We all miss you Papa John!  :(

September 11, 2006

Not completely sold

Rhubarb I didn't get a great deal done this weekend - I reinjured my shoulder and the pain was pretty distracting.  I finished piecing the back for my Red Monster quilt, and got a few blocks put together for Anniversary Stars, shown here.  I'm not sure the Rhubarb & Ginger fabrics work for this pattern.  The red star points don't really stand out against the other fabrics.  But since the quilt is all cut out, I'm pretty much committed at this point.  Maybe it will look better when I can get more of it up on the design wall.  Stay tuned!

September 8, 2006

I'm sewing!!

I'm not completely out of my funk, but I've started a new project and am plugging away at it.  Darlene has been attempting to draw me out of my funk, and has suggested some ways I might get excited about quilting again.  And actually, she is the inspiration for my newest project.  I'm making the Anniversary Stars quilt like the one she posted on August 17, and also using Moda's Rhubarb & Ginger fabrics that she is also using right now to make her Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks.  I'm such a copy-cat!  Well you know what they say - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all....

I will post a photo of my progress after the weekend.  Thanks Darlene for helping to get me back in front of the sewing machine again!

September 5, 2006

Quilt blahs continue

I spent my quilting time this weekend trying to get inspired about a project, any project.  I'm cutting for one and piecing for one, neither of which is holding my interest at all!

I made binding for the 2 quilts I have ready to take to my long-arm quilter.  I bought the backing flannel for my Red Monster quilt (on sale!) yesterday.  Got the washed and ironed and went to piece it so I could have the back ready to go to the quilter.  Then discovered it won't be wide enough!  :(    I didn't think about that when I made the quilt border wider than the pattern directed.

Now I will have to piece a strip of a different red flannel between the pieces of this cute reindeer fabric I got for the back and I don't think it will look good, but I seriously do not want to spend $9.99 a yard for another 3+ yards of fabric for the back.  Ugh.  So now I'm in a serious stall, even worse than before.

September 1, 2006

Thar she blows!?!

I think only another quilter can relate to the prospect of losing an iron that you absolutely LOVE, but my T-Fal Ultraglide Diffusion is about to bite the dust, I'm afraid.  It's been sputtering, making weird clicking noises, smelling overheated and just not steaming the way it has in the past.

Now one would think I wouldn't be concerned because when I discovered that I loved this one so much shortly after I bought it about 3 years ago, I went to the store and bought a back-up.  Plus, this iron is still available at the store and is currently on sale.  So why am I worried?  I won't be without an iron - heck, I can even pick up a back-up back-up.  But yes, I am silly AND I am a hoarder.....

This iron is always a HUGE hit at quilt retreat.  People gravitate from across the room to use MY IRON, much to my dismay at times.  But it is that good.  Go on, run out and buy yourself one!  lol

September, already?

I took the kids to meet their teachers yesterday.  School starts for them on Tuesday.  My DD has the teacher that my boys had for first grade and I just love her - she is the quintessential first grade teacher.  I'm sure my daughter will be very happy.

The boys have a 4th grade teacher that is new to the school.  She seems very nice and I hope they will like her and do well together.  Last year they were in separate classes and it was really quite difficult to manage and they got such different teaching styles.  This year they asked if they could be together and the school honored our request.

It's funny to see people's reactions to my twins because they are so different.  They are both blonde with blue eyes, but built differently and one is much, much taller than his brother.  We met and talked to a couple of other parents and more than one said "and what grades are you in?" not realizing they were in the same grade.

The kids are all very excited for school to start - I wonder how long that excitement will last?