September 25, 2006

Pincushions and Progress

Pins I've enjoyed seeing the pincushion collections that everyone has been posting, and decided to show you mine.  The pig is made from an old quilt and I picked it up at a quilt show many years back.  My SIL and mom were with me and each bought one too, but mine gets used, and so has lost his eyes along the way, but I still get many compliments on him.  Lately, though, I've been using these wool pincushions that my SIL gave me for Christmas last year.

Stars Slow progress is being made on Anniversary Stars.  I'm still not convinced that the red stars show up enough for my taste, but I do like the design of the quilt and I love the Rhubarb & Ginger fabrics.

I spent some time this weekend going through fabrics that I want to sell at retreat this year.  Each year I seem to clean out my sewing room and then I think the stuff just multiplies until the next retreat.  I always seem to have way more "duds" than I remember!  But I usually have good luck selling and my duds always seem to find a new home!


  1. Cute little piggy! I can't use the other pincushions, as I'm allergic to lanolin. I think your Anniversary Stars are looking really good. Yes, the red stars are subtle but you can see them. Relax!

  2. Very cute little pig! The quilt is very pretty - the red doesn't stand out as well as the blue/black, but you can still see them.

  3. Oh, I'd love a smaller wool pincushion, mine is about 5 " wide and hard to handle sometimes with one hand!

  4. Cute pig!! I just did a search of blogs for pincushions and your came up! I have a chook pincushion! LOL :) Helen