November 8, 2013

Say it ain't so!

Earlier in my quilting career, I had a real disdain for 9-patches.  I found the piecing "boring" and the blocks too plain for my tastes.

Then I met and took a class with these women...

And made this quilt...

And now the 9-patch block is one of my favorites.

Here is the start of my Nantucket quilt.  Like Sinta, I started with the 9-patches.  I know I'm really going to LOVE this quilt!

November 2, 2013

Seeing RED!

I've been smitten with Minick & Simpson's Midwinter Reds collection since it arrived at Keepsake Cottage.  Working at the counter and looking over at the beautiful red, cream and tan bolts was making me want to make something, very badly!

And then, in early October, we had a trunk show of three Midwinter Reds quilts sent by Minick & Simpson which only fueled my desire to make a red quilt!  The quilts are even more beautiful in person than they are on a pattern cover.  I chose Nantucket, and when Sinta received a FQ bundle for her birthday and was trying to decide what to make with it, I tried to persuade her to choose Nantucket, too!

She did choose Nantucket, and we convinced a couple other friends -Thelma and Nicole - to join us.  I hope you will check in to see our progress on this fabulous red & white quilt!