April 24, 2006

Finally, some pictures

Babyquilt I finished sewing the blocks together for the first of my Johnny & Buck quilts.  I have to make one border to finish off the pinwheels in the corners and where each 4 blocks come together, but that requires math and my brain wasn't working for that yesterday.  But here it is at this stage.

Odessa And I figured I should post some knitting progress, lest I get kicked out of the knitblog ring!  Here is my second Odessa hat.  The first has gotten so much wear by my daughter, it's not really that attractive.  I used a too-large needle and it's quite stretched out.  But I like this one better, anyway.  I finally got the hang of the beading, and all of these beads made it to the right side, whereas some on my first ended up on the back side.

Rickrack Also, I'm working on the handles of a rick rack bag using brown Malabrigo wool and an orange for the trim, and hopefully I'll be able to find some orange rick-rack to finish it off.

New wheels!

Bike I got a great deal on a new bike at Sports Authority on Saturday.  I heart my new bike!  It handles so much better than my $20 yard sale bike!!

April 20, 2006

What the heck did I buy??

I was paying bills last night and opened my Visa bill, a little astounded at the balance.  Then I looked over the itemized statement and discovered 2 charges from a booth where I bought a few things during the quilt show last month.  One charge for $54 was legitimate, the other was for $982!!!!!!!!   I was floored!   I immediately called the shop and told her what happened.  She called their bank today and got the charges reversed.  Whew - what a shocker!  If I'd spent that much, at least I should have enjoyed it more!  lol

April 19, 2006

First swimming injury!

I started off the week by going to the pool at 5:30 Monday morning.  I kept telling myself "2 more laps, 2 more laps" and ended up doing 8 total - yay me!  Went to class Monday night and the instructor had us swim with fins.

We discovered, to his delight, that the fins REALLY helped me!  I was able to propel myself much easier and concentrate more on breathing and "the roll" using the flippers - in fact, he told me I should use them for my morning swims as well.  Then disaster struck about 5 minutes before class was over.  I swam past the midline of the pool and got a horrendous cramp in my left calf.  OUCH!  I had to get out of the pool and the instructor helped me relieve it somewhat.  It still felt horrible, and hurts to put weight on my foot - so much for resuming kickboxing Tuesday.  :(

Then early this a.m., I awoke with a charlie horse in my OTHER calf, so now I am walking very gingerly.  I did not swim this morning, and hope with ibuprofen and some pain spray my chiropractor gave me, that I am able to participate in swimming class tonight.  :(

I had several people in my Weight Watchers meeting this morning tell me what an inspiration and how courageous they feel I am for doing this triathlon.  Talk about a swelled head.  That makes all the indignity of being the world's worst swimmer a little less hurtful!  I'll get there, doggum it!

No quilting again probably until the weekend.  But I am knitting on my second Odessa hat while riding my stationary bike in the morning.  I'm sure this will become my daughter's, like the first one I knit, but that's okay - it looks much cuter on her!

April 17, 2006

Yee Haw!

I finished the 24 blocks for my first Johnny & Buck baby quilt.  I really love how they turned out, and I will post a picture after I have the rows to sewn together.  I am going to make another identical quilt while I am in the groove, but I'm really itching to move on to something else.

I did not get much quilting in last week as I started swimming classes and went swimming 4 times last week!  I also got out and rode my bike for the first time in over 20 years.  You know what?  It *is* just like riding a bike!   I need lots of practice to get comfortable and - ouchies - definitely need a new seat or a padded seat cover!  I am sore in places unmentionable today!!!

April 12, 2006

Committed or Commit me?

This morning I got up at 4 a.m., rode my stationary bike for 70 minutes, put on my swimsuit and drove to the pool, swam laps for 40 minutes, then hopped my bus, came downtown and walked a mile.  My own mini triathlon!  I also walked a mile at lunchtime and have another 45 minute swim class tonight!

All this exercise is making me REALLY hungry!

April 10, 2006

Photoless update

Back from the family vacation near Spokane, WA.  It was a very relaxing time, got a lot of fabric buying in (doh!) and lots of knitting done too, but I apologize for the lack of any pictures.

I was able to visit 3 quilt shops on the way into Spokane.  The Buggy Barn was amazing, and having my DH & DD go in with me kept my spending in check.  I only bought a small bundle of neutral colored FQs.  We also stopped at Pacific Crescent Quilting in Spokane.  Usually one of my favorite stops, but their shop seemed a little bare compared to other times I have visited.  I hope they aren't failing, but was really disappointed with the selection.

The best stop was a new little place on the way out of Spokane called Cozy Quilts - they had some really lovely stuff, lots of Lakehouse Fabrics in frosted dots, which I love.  I collected a number of reds and blacks for my AP&Q quilt.  And, being the first Monday of the month, their precut FQs were only $1.50!  Such a deal!

My daughter fell in love with a cheetah-print Minkee fabric stuffed cat they had on display in the store, so I wound up buying that pattern and the Minkee to make it.  My mom and I were able to cut out the kitties while I was there - I cut and she marked - and we made a great team.

My mom retired last year, so it was nice to visit her without her having to worry about going to work, too.  We spent Thursday doing a lot of knitting, as I accompanied her to a morning, and then an evening knitting class!  I got most of a Rick Rack bag completed.  I'm working on the handles now.  I finished the Odessa hat for my daughter and she barely took it off - she even wore it to bed!  I started the second hat on our car trip home, but it won't fit my head, so it looks like DD will get a second hat.  It looks way cuter on her, anyway.

I've missed being away from my house and my sewing room.  This is a busy week as I start my Tri Swimming class tonight.  I'll be taking 4 exercise classes a week for the next month (swimming Monday & Wednesday, kickboxing Tuesday & Thursday).  But I've been having a great deal of neck pain off and on, so I'm not sure how my chiropractor will feel about me doing that.  The swimming class is mandatory (for me!)  I really need the practice!