July 21, 2010

Bound for Atlanta!

Piper1 Both this adorable Hunky Dory baby quilt and me!   I'm leaving next week with my brothers to attend my Dad's retirement party and will get to meet my newborn niece, Piper, and present this quilt to her while I am visiting.  My quilter said that every person should have a quilt with Minkee on the back - I think I agree.

I'm going to mail the quilt ahead of me so it won't take up room in my suitcase.   How does a gal from Seattle pack for HOTlanta?   Plus, I may need some extra room in my suitcase, as I've been promised a shopping trip to Little Quilts to spend my birthday gift certificate!


July 19, 2010

Lemon Zinger!

Zinger Whoa - guess it has been a while since I posted - yep, I had to log in to Typepad again, it's been *that* long.

I've had fun playing in my sewing room since my last post.   Yesterday I finished the quilt I started in that last post, which I'm calling Lemon Zinger.  It's the most fun I've had making a quilt in a really long time.   The Wonky Cross blocks designed by Elizabeth Hartman at Oh, Fransson! are so much fun to make and require no fussy piecing or matching - my favorite kind!

I decided to make just every other block an X and intersperse the Xs with all the fun black, white, yellow and grey fabrics I was able to find.  There are so many wonderful prints out there, and my quilt ended up like an adult "I Spy" quilt.  Some of the prints were just too cute to cut up and make Xs through (but maybe part of it was me being too lazy to make 72 X blocks!).  At any rate, I couldn't be happier with how this quilt turned out, and I've already started on my next Oh, Fransson! quilt - the Crazy 9-Patch Lattice Quilt.  Again, so much fun, I couldn't stop sewing last night!