August 25, 2005


No, it's not anything knitting related, but I did finish piecing the top to a quilt I started at retreat in April.  I plan to hang this one in our entryway when it's quilted and finished.

Gbquilt     Gbquilt2

August 22, 2005

Short rows

I haven't really made much knitting progress.  I'm knitting a Debbie Bliss fair isle yoked baby sweater, but I'm just starting the color work, so not too exciting to look at just yet.

I'm also at the point of starting shoulder shaping for my NBaT.  I don't want to do the stair-steppy bind offs that I find so hard to seam, so I followed directions from Nonaknits (scroll to her April 8 entry) and made 3 swatches to try out the 3 different short row techniques that she describes.  Let me tell you, her instructions could not have been more precise.  The swatches were fun to do and I really liked being able to compare the techniques.  I like the look of the Japanese short rows the best.  I hope I can figure out how to do my shoulders using this technique, but with Nona's help, I think I should be able to.

I also finally finished the quilt that's been up on my design wall since I returned from my retreat in April.  The sewing rows together and then borders is my least favorite part of quilting (well, that and machine quilting!).  But it's done and now I can start my next project!  Pictures soon, maybe tomorrow....

August 16, 2005

Baby sweater!

Even in a tiny gauge yarn like Baby Cashmerino, a baby sweater knits up so fast!  I am working on the fair isle cardigan from Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino book.  I'm doing it in pink because I had it in stash, though no baby girls are expected by anyone I know at the moment!  I finished the body of the sweater and attempted to steam block it last night to sew the shoulder seams.

Discovered an error where I decided to rewrite the pattern and add an additional 4 rows on one side of the back, so that had to be ripped and reknit.  I'm anxious to get to the yoke part and see how my fair isle skills are!  I haven't knit using many colors in way too long!

August 10, 2005

Breaking up is hard to do

I reached the next section - Chart D - of the corset top and again was stymied by the instructions.  That and the fact that my ribbing pattern was off, yet again.  I am so disgusted with this project, I'm ditching it.  I will not let it defeat me.   :(

Currently working on the NBaT and the fair isle cardigan from Debby Bliss's Baby Cashmerino book.  Also trying to clear out the stash to ease my guilt about how big it has gotten.

August 4, 2005

Yarn Harlot

I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee read from her funny bookbookbook yesterday. I enjoyed it very much - she has the cutest laugh I've ever heard. I'm interested to see her blog detailing her Seattle visit so I can find out just where she took "the sock" while they were here.  She got a few really good suggestions from the audience.

Many knitters all around me, but I did not bring knitting. I have a hard enough time concentrating when I'm by myself! It would have been impossible there. If you get a chance to see her, go, it was well worth taking a few hours vacation from work (like I need an excuse?) lol


Finally able to post pictures of my Corset Top progress.  I love my yarn choice - Cascade Elite Premiere.  I hope I am able to tackle Chart D - it was muy confusing when I looked at it this morning.


Yes, I know the pics are upside down.  Sorry!


August 3, 2005

Blasted technology!!!

I was so excited to post photos of my progress on the Corset Top, but the disk I brought my pictures in on today isn't talking to my PC.  Oh brother.  Look for an update tomorrow.  I'm finally past Chart C!!!

Tomorrow I'm planning to attend the book signing at Third Place Books with the one and only Yarn Harlot - can't wait!