July 26, 2014

OOP 3 Sisters fabric

I've listed some older 3 Sisters lines on my destash page.  I have Gingham Rose, the original Chocolat and Seaside Rose.  Also a block of the month kit featuring Sanctuary.  Please take a look here!

July 18, 2014

Going batty!

I spent many years stockpiling Warm & Natural batting using my 40% coupons at JoAnn's.   Whenever I could, I'd buy the maximum number of yards allowed, 10 at a time.  I'm just now (more than 10 years later) running out of batting.

I haven't been using my batting stash consistently - sometimes it's just easier to have the longarm quilter provide it.  Sometimes I like a different batting.  My all time favorite is Dream Wool.  I love the way it quilts and washes, but it's expensive and not suitable for every quilt.

Recently I tried Warm & Plush batting.  It is awesome!  Thicker and softer than regular Warm & Natural, but it's not readily available.  I got a queen sized batt from fabric.com and used it in my last quilt.  The Warm Company's website says it's "available for a limited time" and you can only buy a crib size, queen size or by the yard.  As my leftovers weren't large enough for the next quilt I want to quilt, I started searching for some more Warm & Plush.  I found some reviews somewhere that mentioned an Amazon.com seller who had it on the roll - 25 yards x 90 inches and just over $6 per yard, about $100 off the retail price.

I hesitated a while, talked to some local friends who wanted to share and as a result, clicked it into my shopping cart.  Guess what arrived today?  I may be set for batting for another 10 years!

In other news, my Metro Hoops quilt is having a time out stuffed in a bag.  We may have parted ways for good.   But I am playing around with some strawberries I started for my first Instagram swap.  Still playing around with the final design, but these are from the Pattern Basket's Strawberry Social pattern, reduced in size by 25% - aren't they cute?

In other news - thanks to all who shopped my destash sale.  I will be adding items, probably once a week on Fridays.  Please check and see if you'd like any of my stash to be your stash!

July 11, 2014

Destash Sale!

I recently did a whole room makeover of my sewing room and came across a number of things that I probably won't ever finish.  In the interest of keeping my sewing space tidy, I'm having a destash sale.

Follow this link a separate blog page I created to list my items for sale, and please check back as I will add to it as I find more goodies.  Thanks for looking!

July 7, 2014

Not much progress

I thought I would get a lot accomplished over the 3-day weekend.  Turns out, not so much.  I did get all my arcs sewn and pressed.  Half my blocks are together (I'm only doing 16 "hoops" instead of 20 like the pattern).  I only need to sew corner triangles on the last half of the blocks and I have my eye on another Quick Curve Ruler pattern.

I really love the look of these Metro Hoop blocks, but I'm not sure I love the fabrics I used.  I'm going to keep plugging away to see how it all turns out!

Be sure you check in with Thelma and Nicole and see how their Quick Curve Ruler projects are coming along!