November 29, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself....

Eric What?   Oh yeah, I'm not new, but I haven't blogged in so long, you've all probably forgotten about me.  Let's see...   how can I sum up almost a month since my last blog post?

My SIL and I went on our guild's quilt retreat in early November.

I got tons of piecing done - all the blocks for Route 44 and all the blocks for Due South.

The last dinner there, I got sicker than I've ever been with food poisoning, so we left early (I had well meaning friends at work try and convince me I had the flu, but I learned at least one other person was as sick as I was...   I won't be eating spaghetti and meatballs for a very long time!).

Spent 2 days moping around the house feeling beat up and another 2 days before I felt fully back to normal.

Lots of work deadlines, so not much energy when I got home to do much sewing.

Snow hit Seattle the Monday before Thanksgiving.  I left work early Monday afternoon and didn't get behind the wheel of my car again until Friday (you don't want *ME* trying to drive in the snow!).

Pie Tried a new recipe for Thanksgiving from Paula Deen - chocolate pecan pie - very yummy and super easy.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving celebration with my brother and his family, including new addition, baby Veronica (my brother is a Grandpa!!!).

My son Eric was absolutely smitten with baby V (aw - how cute is that picture?).

Finished a lot of chores in my sewing room, but nothing I can show you! (top secret gifts or I could show you all the buttons I sewed back on shirts that needed repair for a while!).

I hope to make some progress laying out the blocks for Due South this week, so check back for some pictures soon.   I am absolutely smitten with Bliss!

November 2, 2010

Cover up

Cover I made an ironing board cover this weekend using a fun decorator weight Moda print.   Do you recognize it?  It's from the MoMo Wonderland collection.

I used this Moda Bake Shop tutorial for instructions, but I did not sandwich and quilt this, it's just one layer of the decorator weight fabric.

My "board" (hey du-u-u-de, do I sound like a surfer?) gets a lot of use and I like using lots of steam in my iron, so I imagine in a few hours, this will look as icky as the one I have on it now, so I will save this to take to my quilt retreat.   We leave one week from tomorrow and this will look great on my ironing board!

November 1, 2010

Luna Notte

Quilt I finished this Luna Notte quilt for the shop where I work.  It's made with a fat eighth bundle and a small amount of yardage.   The pattern has 4 different ways to arrange the blocks to get different looks, but I really liked this one with the dark chains running diagonally.

I had a very productive weekend in my sewing room.   I am cutting out a project to take to my guild retreat, which starts November 10 (yahoo!).  One new project and one I need to finish (2nd Story).

I'm working on my Route 44 class quilt now and if that's not finished, I'll take it with me, too.

I also made a new ironing board cover with some cute MoMo Wonderland fabric in a heavier weight cotton.   I didn't want to go out yesterday to get twill tape, so I will stop on the way home and pick some up, then I can share a photo.   It looks very cute, and I always like to have a pretty, new cover when I take my board to retreat.

Gaga We had a good Halloween.  We live in a newer neighborhood with houses close together and sidewalks, so a lot of kids come to trick-or-treat.  DH had to turn the lights off early because we ran out of candy within the first hour.    I took my DD and her friend out - they both dressed as Lady Gaga.