December 26, 2006

Blog neglect!

I'm surprised anyone is still stopping by, it's been so long since I've posted an update. Sad to say that almost no sewing is being accomplished at my house. I did sew two rows together of my orange quilt, but that's not really blog-worthy.

Had a wonderful Christmas - all the kids were happy with their presents. Mom and Santa both did a good job this year. Had some nice meals with family, and now back to a healthier way of eating and a commitment to my exercise program. I don't do new year's resolutions, but I'm just going to resolve now to get back on track. :)

December 14, 2006

My sweet boy

The 6th grade kids at our elementary school host a Marketplace every December where they sell goods to the other grades. I usually give my kids each $5 and they can buy a few items. One of my 9 year-old twins proudly presented 2 wrapped packages - one for me and one for his 6 year-old sister. Inside were polar fleece scarves that he bought at the Marketplace. I am so touched that he selflessly spent most of his money on me and his sister. What a sweet boy!!!!!!!!!!

December 12, 2006

I have a quilt to plan...

Returned yesterday from my grandfather's funeral. It was an amazing service, and a nice chance to see family and reconnect. I just wish it wasn't such a sad occasion. My mother and grandmother are both holding up well - they are amazing and strong women. I'm glad I got to spend a few days over there and remember Grandpa. He will be missed.

I got my mother to agree to let me take my stepfather's flannel shirts and make her a memorial quilt with them. At first she thought it was an awful waste and that she should donate the shirts, but I convinced her that the quilt would bring her comfort and that the shirts would mean more to her in the long run than someone else at a thrift store.

She agreed and really liked this pattern that I want to use. I am hoping there are enough flannel pieces that I can make a small comfort quilt for my stepsister as well. She has been so supportive of my mom through her dad's illness and my mom's grief after his death, and I can't thank her enough for all that she has done for my mom. She even drove across the state by herself to attend my grandfather's funeral and support my mom. It really surprised my mom, but it didn't surprise me because that's the kind of person Dena is.

December 7, 2006

No sewing in this house!

But I thought I would share pictures of the holiday decorating, since there are a few quilty touches.


First is the buffet table that I decorate with my Santa teddies and feather tree. The top is covered by one of my first tablerunner projects. Don't look too closely, as most of the star points are cut off, but it's got a lot of memories, and I love the prairie points on the border.


Next are the kids' stockings. I made the 2 for the boys, then lost the pattern. When my surprise baby girl came along, I bought the pattern on ebay, and then of course found my original pattern and now I have two... somewhere, if I could ever find them....


Now for the trees - we went the artificial route 4 years ago, and although I miss the lovely smell of the greenery, I don't miss the mess and expense. Plus, I love my lighted trees, especially the white fiber optic one - way cool! Oh and the tree skirt under the white tree? My very first quilt project. I made a SATIN fan patchwork tree skirt with ribbons and all the fun decorative stitches on my new Viking sewing machine. This was such a nightmare to work on, I'm surprised I ever quilted again! This was in 1981, my first married Chriistmas, and I did actually finish it and have it under the tree for our first Christmas. No one is allowed to look too closely at this tree skirt, especially the back - it is a nightmare! Satin on the backing too - what did I know about quilting??? Ah, the bravado of youth...



And finally, though not holiday related, when I was decorating, I wanted a little face lift and changed the quilt in my dining room to this blended floral quilt, one of my very favorite projects.

December 4, 2006

It can only get better, right?

My grandfather died on Saturday.  He was 92 and in failing health, but he was a tough old coot and I thought he'd never give up.  He started to really fail the day before Thanksgiving and told my mom last week that he knew it was 'his time'...  he died peacefully at home, not in any pain and just went to sleep.  My mom and grandmother were both with him when he passed.

My poor mother - to lose her husband and less than 3 months later to lose her father.  I can't even imagine her pain.  I'm so sad for both losses, I can't even grasp how sad she must be.