December 16, 2009

Something's missing

IMG_0296 Realizing that our Moda You meeting was this Thursday night, I set aside the Maison de Noel fabrics I've been cutting to work on the pairs of blocks for Green Piece Month 2 and Month 3.   Pairs, you say?   I don't see pairs of blocks, Lisa.   No, you don't - because Lisa miscut the background on Month 2 blocks (and yes, I did the same dang thing with Month 1 and had to go buy more fabric).   Then I cut ever so carefully for Month 3 and - son of a gun - I miscut the background again!  If you're keeping score, that's 3 for 3.   Hey Joyce - can you please just give me a fat quarter from now on instead of a fat eighth?  Maybe this month I'll learn....

IMG_0288 In other news, our new refrigerator was delivered today.  It's so nice to have this roomy, ultra-modern new appliance.  We're hosting Christmas dinner at my house again this year - this baby will hold a lot of food!   Here's "Vanna" showing off the new beauty.

December 14, 2009

Dear Santa

Kit Dear Mr. Claus - I would love to find this cute kit under my tree on Christmas morning.  I may even be able to finish it in time for Valentine's Day!   I understand Kimberly at the Fat Quarter Shop has them all ready to pop into your sleigh, and she's just a mouse click away!   I've been a very good girl this year!   Ok, kinda sorta good...

December 13, 2009

Oh my!

Owen Good heavens - it's been over 2 weeks since I updated my blog.   Is anyone still stopping by?  I guess life just got away from me.  The boys had their first middle school concert and it was really fun to hear how good all the bands and orchestras sound.  Owen had a clarinet solo and I was impressed, as always, by his talent.  The band teacher has asked him to learn the bass clarinet in addition to his regular clarinet, so he must see potential in Owen too.   Eric plays the viola and is also very talented, but I wasn't able to get a photo of him - sorry E!

Tis the season for a million errands - I finally had a free weekend and we took the kids to see Santa, baked cookies, finished most of the shopping and decorated.  We bought a new refrigerator that will be delivered on Wednesday, so we won't put the main tree up until that happens or it will be in the way of the delivery men.

Living Here are the rest of our holiday decorations.  This little white fiber optic tree is so pretty, I just love it decorated simply with colored balls.  That tree skirt underneath?  My very first "quilting" project, before I knew a lick about quilting.   Yes, it is satin, and yes, I used satin on the back too.   Please, do not turn this puppy over - I beg of you!

My Opening Day quilt using Roman Holiday fabrics is newly displayed in the living room because it is the closest thing I have to a Christmas quilt.  I hope by the time next year rolls around, I will have completed more quilts that I can display during the holidays.

Buffet And this is my other Christmas vignette - you can see another early quilting effort on the top of this buffet - a Christmas tablerunner with prairie points along the edge.  I have a Tiny Christmas Annie at the base of the feather tree to the left, and my collection of Ballard Baines Christmas teddies on the opposite side.   A new find this year - the adorable snowman cookie jar that Lily found.   She must have been channelling Thelma and her wonderful cookie jar collection.

I've been working on cutting out a new Christmas quilt -  Miss Rosie's Toulouse, made of the fabulous Maison de Noel line from 3 Sisters for Moda.   Oh how I wish I had been a fabric hoarder back when these fabrics came out - I would have bought gobs more of this wonderful stuff!