December 14, 2006

My sweet boy

The 6th grade kids at our elementary school host a Marketplace every December where they sell goods to the other grades. I usually give my kids each $5 and they can buy a few items. One of my 9 year-old twins proudly presented 2 wrapped packages - one for me and one for his 6 year-old sister. Inside were polar fleece scarves that he bought at the Marketplace. I am so touched that he selflessly spent most of his money on me and his sister. What a sweet boy!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I know! My little Joanna, age 7, bought me a candle in a glass votive holder at her school's Santa Shoppe. And then to make sure I got to enjoy it, she put it on my bedside table! So sweet.

  2. These are the real lessons of Christmas, aren't they?

  3. And on something fabric! What a sweetie he is.

  4. Great kid!
    I happened upon your blog doing the usual blog surfing, and what beautiful quilts you make!!
    Happy Holidays!