December 26, 2006

Blog neglect!

I'm surprised anyone is still stopping by, it's been so long since I've posted an update. Sad to say that almost no sewing is being accomplished at my house. I did sew two rows together of my orange quilt, but that's not really blog-worthy.

Had a wonderful Christmas - all the kids were happy with their presents. Mom and Santa both did a good job this year. Had some nice meals with family, and now back to a healthier way of eating and a commitment to my exercise program. I don't do new year's resolutions, but I'm just going to resolve now to get back on track. :)


  1. Oh, we're still around! I'll look forward to seeing what you are up to, but I think everyone has been so busy this month!

  2. Don't worry - I understand. I'm doing it too.