April 19, 2006

First swimming injury!

I started off the week by going to the pool at 5:30 Monday morning.  I kept telling myself "2 more laps, 2 more laps" and ended up doing 8 total - yay me!  Went to class Monday night and the instructor had us swim with fins.

We discovered, to his delight, that the fins REALLY helped me!  I was able to propel myself much easier and concentrate more on breathing and "the roll" using the flippers - in fact, he told me I should use them for my morning swims as well.  Then disaster struck about 5 minutes before class was over.  I swam past the midline of the pool and got a horrendous cramp in my left calf.  OUCH!  I had to get out of the pool and the instructor helped me relieve it somewhat.  It still felt horrible, and hurts to put weight on my foot - so much for resuming kickboxing Tuesday.  :(

Then early this a.m., I awoke with a charlie horse in my OTHER calf, so now I am walking very gingerly.  I did not swim this morning, and hope with ibuprofen and some pain spray my chiropractor gave me, that I am able to participate in swimming class tonight.  :(

I had several people in my Weight Watchers meeting this morning tell me what an inspiration and how courageous they feel I am for doing this triathlon.  Talk about a swelled head.  That makes all the indignity of being the world's worst swimmer a little less hurtful!  I'll get there, doggum it!

No quilting again probably until the weekend.  But I am knitting on my second Odessa hat while riding my stationary bike in the morning.  I'm sure this will become my daughter's, like the first one I knit, but that's okay - it looks much cuter on her!


  1. Ooooo! So painful! I am up to 800 meters in the pool, cycling no problem, running (OMG, 2 miles, that kill me!). Keep up the good work!