April 10, 2006

Photoless update

Back from the family vacation near Spokane, WA.  It was a very relaxing time, got a lot of fabric buying in (doh!) and lots of knitting done too, but I apologize for the lack of any pictures.

I was able to visit 3 quilt shops on the way into Spokane.  The Buggy Barn was amazing, and having my DH & DD go in with me kept my spending in check.  I only bought a small bundle of neutral colored FQs.  We also stopped at Pacific Crescent Quilting in Spokane.  Usually one of my favorite stops, but their shop seemed a little bare compared to other times I have visited.  I hope they aren't failing, but was really disappointed with the selection.

The best stop was a new little place on the way out of Spokane called Cozy Quilts - they had some really lovely stuff, lots of Lakehouse Fabrics in frosted dots, which I love.  I collected a number of reds and blacks for my AP&Q quilt.  And, being the first Monday of the month, their precut FQs were only $1.50!  Such a deal!

My daughter fell in love with a cheetah-print Minkee fabric stuffed cat they had on display in the store, so I wound up buying that pattern and the Minkee to make it.  My mom and I were able to cut out the kitties while I was there - I cut and she marked - and we made a great team.

My mom retired last year, so it was nice to visit her without her having to worry about going to work, too.  We spent Thursday doing a lot of knitting, as I accompanied her to a morning, and then an evening knitting class!  I got most of a Rick Rack bag completed.  I'm working on the handles now.  I finished the Odessa hat for my daughter and she barely took it off - she even wore it to bed!  I started the second hat on our car trip home, but it won't fit my head, so it looks like DD will get a second hat.  It looks way cuter on her, anyway.

I've missed being away from my house and my sewing room.  This is a busy week as I start my Tri Swimming class tonight.  I'll be taking 4 exercise classes a week for the next month (swimming Monday & Wednesday, kickboxing Tuesday & Thursday).  But I've been having a great deal of neck pain off and on, so I'm not sure how my chiropractor will feel about me doing that.  The swimming class is mandatory (for me!)  I really need the practice!

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