November 8, 2013

Say it ain't so!

Earlier in my quilting career, I had a real disdain for 9-patches.  I found the piecing "boring" and the blocks too plain for my tastes.

Then I met and took a class with these women...

And made this quilt...

And now the 9-patch block is one of my favorites.

Here is the start of my Nantucket quilt.  Like Sinta, I started with the 9-patches.  I know I'm really going to LOVE this quilt!


  1. I need to get Cupcake out and use it! It will always be Cupcake to me. Was that experience not one of the best ever? Makes me really want to do it again! Let's start planning!

  2. Can't go wrong with 9-patches...your Nantucket is going to be wonderful!

  3. What a wonderful picture of you three and such a nice story to go with it! Why did you name that quilt cupcake? I'm working on my Nantucket border now and am loving it!

  4. I love that photo! The 9 patch does seem boring... but kind of unassuming also. There is so much you can do with the block! Nice to see the progress you are making!

  5. What a great picture and I love how your Nantucket border is coming along ! I now have you on my blog list YEAHHHH !