September 1, 2006

Thar she blows!?!

I think only another quilter can relate to the prospect of losing an iron that you absolutely LOVE, but my T-Fal Ultraglide Diffusion is about to bite the dust, I'm afraid.  It's been sputtering, making weird clicking noises, smelling overheated and just not steaming the way it has in the past.

Now one would think I wouldn't be concerned because when I discovered that I loved this one so much shortly after I bought it about 3 years ago, I went to the store and bought a back-up.  Plus, this iron is still available at the store and is currently on sale.  So why am I worried?  I won't be without an iron - heck, I can even pick up a back-up back-up.  But yes, I am silly AND I am a hoarder.....

This iron is always a HUGE hit at quilt retreat.  People gravitate from across the room to use MY IRON, much to my dismay at times.  But it is that good.  Go on, run out and buy yourself one!  lol

1 comment:

  1. I have a similar T-FAL and love it as well, but its also making clicking and popping noises. I switched to using only distilled water in it a few years ago (very have really really hard water) and it made a difference in its steaming power.
    Mind you, mine has been dropped three seperate times and has the cracks to prove it.