September 5, 2006

Quilt blahs continue

I spent my quilting time this weekend trying to get inspired about a project, any project.  I'm cutting for one and piecing for one, neither of which is holding my interest at all!

I made binding for the 2 quilts I have ready to take to my long-arm quilter.  I bought the backing flannel for my Red Monster quilt (on sale!) yesterday.  Got the washed and ironed and went to piece it so I could have the back ready to go to the quilter.  Then discovered it won't be wide enough!  :(    I didn't think about that when I made the quilt border wider than the pattern directed.

Now I will have to piece a strip of a different red flannel between the pieces of this cute reindeer fabric I got for the back and I don't think it will look good, but I seriously do not want to spend $9.99 a yard for another 3+ yards of fabric for the back.  Ugh.  So now I'm in a serious stall, even worse than before.


  1. I am not a flannel person, btu those reindeer are so adorable I might be tempted!

  2. Still experiencing that Quilting Slump - what's going on???? Something is troubling you. Spill it.
    If you'd accept my assignment from last week you'd be sewing. You need something quick and fun!