September 1, 2006

September, already?

I took the kids to meet their teachers yesterday.  School starts for them on Tuesday.  My DD has the teacher that my boys had for first grade and I just love her - she is the quintessential first grade teacher.  I'm sure my daughter will be very happy.

The boys have a 4th grade teacher that is new to the school.  She seems very nice and I hope they will like her and do well together.  Last year they were in separate classes and it was really quite difficult to manage and they got such different teaching styles.  This year they asked if they could be together and the school honored our request.

It's funny to see people's reactions to my twins because they are so different.  They are both blonde with blue eyes, but built differently and one is much, much taller than his brother.  We met and talked to a couple of other parents and more than one said "and what grades are you in?" not realizing they were in the same grade.

The kids are all very excited for school to start - I wonder how long that excitement will last?

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