August 30, 2006


Figs_1 I got the borders on my Buttercream & Figs quilt yesterday, and I just love the effect.   My sis-in-law didn't pick the specific fabrics, but she suggested the Moda Winter Rose line and she was right on in her prediction that they would work.

Close I have to chuckle about my SIL - bless her heart.  We started quilting together in 1996.  When we would go shopping, she had very strong opinions about the kinds of fabric that she liked and would buy.  No dots, no stripes, no paisleys!  She bought a lot of small matchy-matchy calicos, while I have always liked a lot of texture and pattern in my fabrics.

But in the prevailing years, she has worked part time in 2 different quilt stores and now has an excellent sense of colors, fabrics, patterns and putting things together.  I trust her opinion now very much and see - she proved me right once again!  I'm completely in love with this quilt and its new borders!


  1. WooHoo - you finished it! Oh, the borders are PERFECT - excellent choice. Very, very pretty quilt.

  2. That looks really great and the border is right on. Good job! Shoulder still feeling well?

  3. I love that quilt. And such beautiful colors.

  4. I would love to know where you found the pattern for this quilt and your Anniversary Stars quilt. They are both so lovely.