April 8, 2005


So bloody glad it's Friday!  I only have one day to work next week, then I'm off for spring break - taking the kids to see my mom in the eastern part of the state.  We're all looking forward to the break and getting in a good visit with my mom and other family over there.  Mom's a knitter too, so I'll be bringing my knitting and we can stitch and bitch together!

Not much knitting last night as it was bill paying day (ugh....) then I had kickboxing.

I did work a little on DD's poncho this morning (I have a recumbent exercise bicycle so I can knit and workout in the morning!).  I finished the back and started the front.  The back only took a few days, so I think this project should go really fast.  Rowan's directions are not very clear, are they?  Or maybe I've just been out of knitting for too long....  my daughter is very excited about her poncho.  Her cousin/best friend has one, she informed me this morning, only Bianca's is FROM A STORE!  Can you believe it?  lol

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  1. Wow, I can't believe you are almost done with Lily's poncho. You fast knitter! You'll get plenty of time to knit it in the car. =) Can't wait to see her special poncho. :D