June 15, 2005

Making Some Progress

I actually finished the lower edging on my Minisweater/Boobholder.  Now to seam the sweater, weave in a million ends, and find a button.  I think it's going to go great with my purple linen dress.  I love the addition of the beautiful Alchemy Bamboo yarn on the plain black Rowan All-Seasons Cotton.

Now I'm kind of at a project crossroads, though.  I have only the Wildfell Cardigan on the needles.  It's not a very portable project due to its size and shedding.  But I also really want to finish Elspeth, but that will require some sitting down with Microsoft Excel and trying to chart the blasted thing.  Or, I could just pitch it and start something new?  Hmmm....

1 comment:

  1. Start something new!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, that isn't very helpful, is it? lol