October 11, 2005

Zigged when I shoulda zagged

I finished one 32-row repeat of the Saxon braid cable on the Samus cardigan.  Then I sat back to admire my work, discovering that about halfway down, I purled a leg of the cable when I should have knit the stitches!  I tried just ripping back to the mistake, but lost count of the row - I'm so cable illiterate, there was no fixing it.  But the good news is, I ripped back, cast on again, and got through another repeat of the cable and then 8 rows of the next one!  It was obvious much easier having all that PRACTICE!  Plus, I've loosened up on my tension and it looks much nicer than the first attempt.  Will try and post a picture tomorrow.

I decided that the Artyarns Supermerino did not want to become the Traveling Cables scarf.  It looks horrible with the stark variegation in the yarn.  Definitely needs something much more subtle.  Oh well, I only had about half the number of skeins I needed for that pattern, so it will be frogged for something else.

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