December 13, 2005

Ho ho ho!

Trying to get holiday preparations done.  I have the house cleaned and (mostly) decorated.  The kids are itching to decorate the big tree, and I hope to do that tonight.

I'm still sewing on the binding of my mom's quilt and hope to finish that tonight as well.  I need to get it mailed, for sure!

I baked 5 kinds of cookies in the last few days.  Four are from the Martha Stewart cookie magazine that's on the news stands now.  My reviews:

Cashew Caramels - very good cookie, like a very rich shortbread

Cream Cheese Walnut Cookies - best dough I've ever tasted.  Easy to make, too

Pistachio Lemon Drops - disappointed in the texture and the flavor.  Not very lemony and salty from the salted nuts

Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies - not very good flavor - maybe if I'd have used "dutch process cocoa" as Martha recommended rather than Hershey's!

I have 2 more cookies that I've bought the ingredients for.  Hopefully they'll both be good.  Why do I always seem to experiment with holiday cookies instead of going for the tried and true?  Well, there are always the office scavengers that will eat anything for the rejects.   ;-)

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  1. Thanks for the reviews. The only cookies I've tried from that magazine are the cakey chocolate chip on page 89. They were a huge hit in the house. I love the texture.