March 27, 2006

Adventures in Knitting

Yes, this started out as a knitting blog at some point before my quilting seemed to take over!  I am doing a little knitting here and there, and we're preparing for a road trip to my mom's next week and I'm getting projects ready for the car.

I finished up the Fickle Fingers scarf, which I said I would do before allowing myself to start another project.  I just have a couple of ends to weave in, then I will post a picture.

Last night I got out the winder and swift and wound some yarn for the trip knitting - mostly felted bags, because they are easy to work on in the car.

This morning I threaded beads on 2 skeins of Rowan Cashcotton DK to make the Odessa hat.  This will be my first beading project and I'm anxious to start.  It's already been an adventure because all of the beads would not fit over my needle, but I discovered a trick to help out and now they are all loaded and ready to go.  I NEVER have the right needles for a new project, and this time it's no exception!  So a trip to the LYS at lunchtime today to pick up the correct sizes.

I did a little quilt stash shopping this weekend, but without going overboard.  I picked up a couple of fat quarters of Heather Ross's adorable prints.  I love the colors and the fabrics are incredibly soft!  I also picked up some quarters of pink and brown repro prints for my Pinny 'N Pa quilt.

I've already been promised a stop at the Buggy Barn on the way to my mom's house next Monday, and I am trying to budget for what I know I will spend there!  Then in April, though I'm not officially joining - I will be participating in the "add nothing to the stash" (well, except for the Buggy Barn, but that counts as a trip souvenier, no??)

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  1. The Odessa hat is so pretty--I like the swirled effect and all those beads. I'll be checking back to see how yours turns out. Have a great time at the Buggy Barn. Don't spend all your money!!! :)