June 22, 2006

I am a sap *and* a klutz!

Well, I knew I was a klutz (my childhood nickname was "Grace") - but this morning I missed the last 3 steps going down the stairs, landed on my shoulder and ribs and twisted my left ankle in the process.  I must have laid on the cold tiled floor for 5 minutes yelling for someone to help me.  And then I got laughed at.  Nice, huh?  <grumble, grumble>

I've twisted my ankle worse in the past, but it still hurts like hell, and the ribs are very tender too.  If I didn't have so many deadlines at work today, I'd be home, but I am a trooper.  lol

On my morning bus ride, I usually take the opportunity to nap and catch a few zzzzs.  This morning I was so amazed and excited by being able to SEE, that I could not sleep!  I had Lasik surgery on Tuesday and even though I had some reservations, I am so happy with the results.  I could read, I could see the amazingly beautiful eyelashes of the little girl in the seat in front of me.  It truly was overwhelming - I was actually crying, I was so happy.  I've worn glasses since the 3rd grade - it almost feels surreal to not have to wear them now!


  1. Sorry you fell and got hurt. Wow, seeing would be awesome. I have been contemplating the surgery but have been too chicken - worried about long term consequences. Maybe your new vision needs adjusting to, and your depth perception has changed and that's why you fell. I am amazed that you could get quilter as a email address. Great that you could though. You need a service that filters out your spam. I view the spam messages before I delete them to make sure no good ones went in there - sometimes they do, but much better than having to delete them individually.

  2. Yahoo for the Lasik working! I can't believe you got hurt and then got laughed at. =( That stinks!!!!