October 29, 2006

Checking the calendar...

NO, NO, NO, it's way too early to be scraping ice off my windshield, but scrape I did this morning.  Ugh.  At least I finally found a nice warm winter coat this weekend, but I'm still not ready for this weather!

Closeup I picked up the Red Monster quilt from the longarm lady this weekend.  OMG, the quilt is gorgeous!  I tried taking a photo, but it really did not do the quilting justice.  This close-up kind of shows what she did - an all over clamshell pattern.  The quilting is dense and just lovely.  I machine sewed the binding on and began the arduous task of handstitching last night.  I hope I can stay motivated to finish this - I only have 2 weeks!


  1. Its gorgeous! Here's another little tip on binding - I like to use those inexpensive snap-flex hairclips - just two or three - to hold the binding down ahead of where I'm stitching. It does the same job as basting, only easier. Great quilt!!!

  2. Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by my blog! The clamshell stitching on this is so pretty! Handstitching anything is not my favorite thing to do, but I hope it's coming along nicely and almost done!
    I like your name as well - but, ahem, I think I'm the stashmaster. :o)

  3. This is my first visit to you Blog and your red & black quilt got my attention - it is gorgeous. Welcome to the Quilting 4 Pleasure Ring. I'll be back to visit as time permits.