October 16, 2006

Design wall expansion

Which leads to quilting productivity!  Yesterday I did something I'd been meaning to do for a while now.  I expanded the flannel on my design wall to reach the ceiling so I would have more room to lay out blocks.  All the quilts I've made in recent months have been too big for the current space I had, so I had to make each quilt in at least 2 sections - not fun.  The current expanded wall will now fit the size of most of the quilts I seem to make, though it is a little hard for my 5'3" self to get the blocks way up there close to the ceiling!

It did, however, lead me to feel more inspired about my Anniversary Stars quilt.  I finished the star blocks for two more rows, and also laid out 2 additional rows of stars.  So now I only have one final row of stars to lay out, then to sew those 3 rows of blocks, and then I will be able to start sewing finished blocks together!  Woo hoo!  I think this one may be finished SOON!


  1. Can't wait to see your Anniversary Stars.

  2. Oh I need to do this too! My space has about 5 feet more I could go up and I would need the step stool, but it makes for a better quitl layout to see the whole thing!
    Good idea! Glad you got a space in the retreat, I missed ours and I wish I was going!