January 24, 2007

Return of the Mojo

I finished the orange quilt and immediately began work on another project.  I started sewing the rows together for my Anniversary Stars quilt made using the Moda Rhubarb & Ginger fabrics.  But my empty design wall was really bothering me, so I began to lay out some pieces to fill the gap.

Last year I bought several Mistletoe Manor charm packs on sale and randomly sewed them together into half-square triangles. As a layout, I'm going to do a kind of a "Barn Raising" pattern, and just build out from the center until I run out of pieces. I love the colors and patterns of these fabrics - not too Christmasy.

I am SO HAPPY to be feeling creative and productive again!


  1. I love your color scheme. I even think I'm going to save your picture on my wish list....

  2. Oh, so pretty - glad you've found your MOJO.

  3. It really feels good to be in that mode -- congratulations! BTW - that orange quilt is after my heart - fabulous!