February 4, 2007

Seeing Double


My original plan was to make this tablerunner and use the leftover charm squares to make a border around the runner. I had enough of the half-square triangles to make another tablerunner, but not enough charm squares unless I bought one or two more charm packs. I really want to finish and be done with this project this month, and since my February plans don't include any new purchases, even small ones, I decided to make do with what I had. I took apart the border and used the charms to fill in the squares for this second runner.

There is enough of the backing material I had already purchased to use for these 2 narrower runners, plus plenty of the binding fabric. I have 2 perfect-sized pieces of batting from the leftovers of my last 2 projects, so I have everything necessary to complete these, without making a single purchase. I even have several spools of various colors and types of pink machine quilting thread and will try quilting this one myself to save some money there, too.

I'm feeling so frugal! (Don't laugh - I know it's only the 4th!).


  1. Who would laugh? I think you did great using up stash! And they're so pretty -- good job!

  2. Great job on the resourcefulness! You are like me. A big dry spell and then a rush to finish. I have two big quilts nearing a finish. Can't wait to move onto something new!

  3. What a terrific use of those charm squares! I am still doing pretty well with the fabric diet, but feel a lapse coming on....

  4. Great job making do and staying on the diet :-)