March 25, 2007



I pulled out this old project that has been in a box for over a year. I started this using Moda's Faded Memory charm packs and Miss Rosie's Allemande pattern. This time last year, I had all the small units pieced, but was having a whale of a time getting the blocks together. I was fussing too much over where every piece was placed, and making mistake after mistake keeping the pieces oriented correctly. Sometimes when you get so frustrated, you just need to put something aside. I wanted to work on something Spring-y and this fit the bill. This time I am not fussing over placement and just randomly grabbing pieces. I also figured out a good assembly-line system for getting the pieces together correctly. Now I'm enjoying working on it again! :)


  1. It's fantastic! I adore those colors and the pattern. =)

  2. It's nice to see an old project resurrected. I hope it keeps you sewing again.
    Leaving a comment on Typepad blogs has not been easy for me but I may have found a way. Hopefully, this will post!

  3. How cute that is :o) Have fun working on it! And keep us up to date on your progress :o)

  4. Those fabrics are absolutely beautiful. What is the pattern you are doing if I may ask?
    Ooh and I know what you mean about duds...I don't have very many quilts but what I do have their are a couple that you just want to keep folded up. LOL Here in AZ we have a program called Blankets for Kids and they take quilt tops and turn them into quilts and give them away. Ask your local quilt shops because most of ours have bins to drop these off at in there stores.
    Enjoy working on that pretty quilt top.