April 9, 2007

Where it all began

First1This should probably be entitled Lisa's Hall of Shame, but I still "sort of" like this quilt, even though the fabrics and workmanship make me shake my head and wonder how I was ever proud of this quilt!

This was a pattern called Winken, Blinken & Nod from an old issue of Quiltmaker magazine - I believe I started this one in 1993 and it was indeed my very first quilt. I cut the pieces out when I had to to be home from work to prep for a colonoscopy.  I used a rotary cutter and cardboard templates.

As it turned out, my colonoscopy went awry, and I ended up having to have part of my colon removed as I had complications following the procedure and the doctors suspected they had punctured my colon. It was months before I got back to this quilt as I recovered from my unexpected surgery.

When I began to actually piece the quilt, I couldn't figure out why none of the pieces fit together correctly.  I checked the pattern in the magazine again and realized that each time I cut out the pieces, I'd shaved off a tiny portion of my cardboard template, making my pieces smaller and smaller with every cut.

First2So it was back to the cutting board with all new fabrics since I had already cut up all the blues, greens and whites from my then meager stash. The second cutting attempt using a laminate template material was much better, but I still struggled with the piecing - see how my centers don't come anywhere even close to matching?  Go on, click the picture to see it REALLY CLOSE - it will make anyone feel better about their piecing, I guarantee!!!

Oh my, I should be ashamed to even show this, but I suppose we all have to start somewhere! And as Darlene and Nicole reminded me, it is part of my quilting history and should be remembered. I also shake my head about my stunning white cornerstones! My original idea was to hand quilt some celestial symbols in the corners, like moon and stars, but obviously that never happened.

But, there you have it - in all its glory. Stay tuned for more from Lisa's Hall of Shame! This is NOT the worst of it, my dear readers, by a long shot!


  1. Well I like it anyway - it's a testament to your perseverance -I think I would have given up when the pieces were different sizes, never mind about cutting them all out again.

  2. Well, it certainly gives me hope that I will one day live up to the quilter you have become. =)

  3. I think it is wonderful! I love to look back at older quilts and see how little I knew. But despite flaws, they are all loved and used.

  4. You should not be ashamed to show this quilt and refer to it as something you should include in your Hall of Shame. I personally believe that every thing we create leads us to learn more and improve our skills. Just look at that pretty quilt as one that taught you alot of what you might use in your quilting even today!
    I've said it many times - "I've never met a quilt I didn't like" and yours is very pretty!

  5. I like this quilt (and it does indeed make me feel better about my own adventures in matching!). I've come to realize, working in a quilt shop, that NOBODY matches perfectly. Even the owners, with all their experience, only come close. Everyone has realized that once the quilt is finished, the combination of a quilt's size and top stitching help to camouflage all matching sins. Stand back and admire your first quilt!

  6. I like it, too, and I did the exact same thing with the cardboard templates.
    Very ambitious of you!