May 11, 2007

Featherweight Class

Yesterday I took a class through my guild taught by David McCallum. He is a a great expert and he and his wife Sharon are both so warm, helpful and friendly. We took our machines apart, oiled them all up, put them back together and learned how to troubleshoot many problems. I worked on my white one while I was there, although since we did very little sewing, I probably should have taken my black one (that doesn't work). I did get a clue about what might be the problem (nothing happens when I step on the foot pedal, although the light works). I couldn't wait to open up that foot pedal when I got home, but we didn't have the proper screwdriver. I felt like Goldilocks - they were all too big or too small! A trip to Sears today should get me the right tools and hopefully the machine will be working again soon! If I can't fix it, his rates are very reasonable... he only charges $45 for a tune up compared to $120 at the sewing machine dealer. My mom is visiting and spending the weekend with us, so I won't get any sewing done, but we will get to spend some quality mother/daughter time together. I'm taking her to the spa today for her first ever pedicure. I've become addicted to them, and I'm sure she will love having it done too. She is very excited. Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day, everyone.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Lisa! You and your mom have a fabulous time at the spa. You deserve some pampering!
    Good to know that these Featherweight maintenance classes are so valuable.

  2. Hope your mom enjoys the pedicure! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. =)

  3. Happy Mother's day! What a great clas tot ake. I wish we had something liek that offered in our area. I'd love to be able to play doctor to my fetaherweight, if problems occur in the future. I'd happily trouble shoot first before sending it off to a repairman.