May 27, 2007

Overcoming Ornithophobia


Fear of birds, or more specifically, of Flying Geese. I have never attempted a pattern using flying geese, and if a pattern I liked required the making of said geese, well, it just went to the botttom of the pile. But I knew I had to overcome my self-limiting fear of this popular patchwork combination, so I set out to arm myself with the proper tools.

I purchased Eleanor Burns' Flying Geese ruler (there are 2 sizes available - I bought both) and set out to make my first geese. The process is very simple, doesn't waste a lot of fabric, and I was able to modify her instructions to press my seams open, which is my preferred method. The result? One 5-1/2" square and one 7" square of fabric resulted in 4 perfectly formed flying geese!

The geese are part of a top secret challenge project which will be revealed on June 4, so no photos until then, but rest assured, my fear of Flying Geese is no more. This opens up a whole new realm of patterns to me!


  1. I had a similar experience of getting over my fear of flying geese - have fun with your secret project!

  2. Flying geese aren't my favorite, either -- I look forward to seeing what you wind up doing with your geese now that you've gotten over your fear of them!

  3. I have come to love making flying geese with this method! It just seems such a tidy way of having four perfect geese turn out in one fell swoop.

  4. Yeah! Good job overcoming the ornithophobia!!

  5. Certainly not my favortie, but I'll go back to them at some point. I had a bad experience. ^_- Can't wait for your unveiling!