June 30, 2007

Jo Morton class

I took Jo Morton's Peppermint Twist class today - what a fun teacher and I left there so full of inspiration. Her piecing is so precise and her use of fabrics and colors, just marvelous. Her new book is just stunning. She let us take pictures of the quilts she brought, but I forgot to ask if it was okay to post them on my blog, so I will do that before posting (I'm also a member of her Yahoo "fan club").

I didn't get far on my quilt in class, but it is a stunning pattern and I'm going to (gulp) try my hand at applique for the center motif. I may just pull my hair out, but it sure is pretty!

The shop where I took my class was 75 miles round trip from my house. I took a wrong turn and ended up ON THE FREEWAY on my way there. Anyone who knows me, knows this is a huge deal because I do not drive on the freeway. It was a white-knuckle, sweaty-palms ride, for sure, but I made it and lived to tell about it! I guess I can do anything with the proper motivation!!!


  1. Fun! I can't wait to see what you have under construction.

  2. Glad the class was so much fun. And yes, isn't it amazing what we can do when properly motivated?
    I owe you a few emails ;0) -- I didn't forget, just had urgent requests for attention from a cute little toddler!

  3. Holy cow! The freeway! =( Glad you made it there. ;-)

  4. Woo hoo! What a day! I'm dying to see the pictures! If only Jo knew what you went through to get to her class!

  5. I'm sure you had a wonderful day inspite of the freeway! :-)