August 22, 2007

Back to earth

These past 5 days have been almost surreal. First, traveling alone with my 7 year-old DD, then finally meeting my dear friend Nicole, who is just as warm and charming in person as she is in emails and on her blog.

We talked and shopped 'til we dropped and I know I have found a lifelong friend.

I will write more and share photos later. But what a fabulous weekend (and then some!) we had. A truly unforgettable experience!!!


  1. OMG, you're back!! I'm so very glad you had a great time - I knew you would!! Can't wait to hear more! Welcome back, Lisa!!

  2. Welcome back Lisa!!!! Mom had SO much fun. She called me this morning and was like "Lisa is AWESOME and I am SO glad I met her." Your mom is fierce, running 5 miles a day!! Hoo wee, AND your daughter, Lilly??? GORGEOUS, how fortunante you are to have such a delightful and beautiful girl. The apple doesn't fall from the tree.