August 27, 2007


I started quilting in 1993 and have always been a "one project at a time" gal.  Truly.  I could not begin a new project until I had completed at the least the finished top of the current project (hey - a top is a finished project, right?).   I am such a product person, that this really worked for me.  I put one in the 'finished' column and also the exciting new project was the carrot dangling in front of me to get to the finish line.

Fast forward to 2007.   I started the Sampler Challenge with Nicole.  Yes, I am enjoying this project immensely, but it totally goes against my nature to do just one block at a time.  And now this project has fallen behind since we were both out of town and too busy to make a block.  Then I took the Jo Morton Peppermint Twist class in June and added another project to my list, and the list goes on.

I now have 7 projects in progress and truly, the chaos is stressing me out.  Yes, I was reminded that I am supposed to enjoy my quilting and not be stressed, but I need to get a handle on these projects and get back to my Zen.

So my to-do list includes:

  1. Sampler Challenge - I need to rein in the chaos before I can attempt to be creative about putting fabrics together for this.  Then Nicole and I have agreed to finish this up in quick succession, not sticking to our "every other week" schedule.

  2. Jo Morton Peppermint Twist - churn dash pieced blocks, no problem - I have them all cut, I just need to finish piecing them.  The applique is another story.

  3. Opening Day quilt using Roman Holiday fabrics - This will get moved to the back burner.  It's already all cut, so I know it's just ready for the assembly line.

  4. Golden Memories BOM - first three blocks are completed and I'm waiting for September's shipment.  Nothing I can do until that arrives!  I might be able to work on this and ONE other project.  Stay tuned...

  5. Michael Miller Kids' Toile kit - shown in yesterday's post.  My daughter is sweetly nagging me to finish this and it's at the sashing stage, so I will work on it and try and get it completed next and off to the quilter.  Have I mentioned I hate sashing?  And borders?

  6. Jellystone - kit from Miss Rosie's class.  This is the bear paw variation and involves some complicated cutting.  On hold until I finish cutting #7 below.

  7. "Cupcake" - kit from Miss Rosie's class.  I am cutting and sewing strips and then pinning the 9-patches together as I watch tv in the evenings.  Maybe this will be put on hold after all the cutting is done.  Again, stay tuned!

I'm looking forward to the 3-day weekend and perhaps I can at least finish #5 this week and cross one off my list.  I aim to get back to one project again.  Ok, maybe two.  Three at the most....  ;-)


  1. I marvel at quilters who can rein in the chaos. For me, if it feels a bit chaotic, too many projects going on at once, I just statrt some thing else. I shudder to think of counting what I have in process right now! Even reading your list makes me want to start something new :)

  2. I completely understand your feelings - I detest the chaos of several projects in the works. Most of the time I'm a one project at a time quilter - being a process person makes that so much simpler for me. Start/finish; start/finish - this works for me. I've been amid chaos for several months now and it does make me crazy. I hope you can rein in your chaos get back to your zen

  3. I was wondering about the sampler you and Nicole are doing, but I thought maybe I missed your posts showing the latest blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing more--and to seeing how the blocks you've made so far are looking together! Do you have a design wall you can stick them on and get us a photo? One block at a time just isn't feeding the need! LOL! Good luck on getting caught up. I have too many projects going on too and hope to get a couple finished or at least further along this weekend.

  4. I most certainly understand the stress of too much going on at one time. That's the story of my quilting life! I get a wild hare, and decide to start on a new project, when I know darn good and well I have 5 or more projects that could stand to be finished first!!
    I hate to add to your stress level, my friend, but are we still going to do the pumpkin quilt together? Just thought I'd ask - you can severely chastise me for mentioning it!! lol!!

  5. I've been doing a lot of thinking on this subject. I get so excited about something new and suddenly my brain has forgotten about the list of projects I've already started. I'm trying and will get the list shorter before starting something new....ya right...LOL

  6. I couldn't do it any other way. I get bored doing the same quilt day in, day out.

  7. Deep breath. Making a list of all your To Do's is a great start. My towering stack of UFO project boxes is getting out of control too. I can just see the headlines: "Salinas Woman Killed by Falling Wall of Unfinished Quilting Projects".

  8. Hehehe -- only 7 projects? As the proud owner of four in current work mode with 6 others breathing down my neck -- um, come on...that's it? Just joking -- I need to get some of mine done too!