August 24, 2007

Meeting Carrie Nelson!

Carrie_4 Nicole and I arrived at the Buggy Barn early Monday for our first day of classes, hoping we could stake out a good seat and vy for teacher's pet.  Into the Buggy Barn walks Carrie Nelson, just like a regular person!!!  Well, of course, she *is* a regular person, but to me and Nicole, she is a ROCK STAR!!!

If you have ever made a Miss Rosie's pattern, Carrie was just as funny, warm, and friendly as she comes across in her charming pattern descriptions.  The classes both days were much smaller than I imagined - only about 12 or 13 students.  This allowed us lots of room to spread out, and also lots of one-on-one time with Carrie - including having her at our lunch table on Tuesday!

Paw_2 The kits that the Buggy Barn put together for Carrie's 2 new designs were fabulous (I heard Carrie say a number of times that she wanted a kit too!) and the patterns were very typically Carrie - tradition with a twist and very scrappy.

The first day we worked on a design she calls Jellystone - a fabulous stylized bear paw.  Here are my first 3 blocks - not much to see, but we spent a good amount of time cutting and didn't get a whole lot of sewing done in the class.

This bear paw was a little tricky, further complicated by the diagram in the pattern which was shaded incorrectly.  Many people in class had trouble getting the paw unit to come out right, including poor Nicole.  She finished her first one, and seeing as how we were front and center, Carrie picked up Nicole's block to show the class, then pointed out that the pieces had been oriented wrong.  Carrie handed the block back to Nicole and said "This can be your humilty block."  Nicole immediately muttered under her breath, "I am NOT having a humility block!"  I wish I had a recording as it was the funniest thing I've ever heard!  Nicole soon got back in a rhythm and I know she completed more blocks than I did!

We were able to get the kits for our Tuesday class and took them home to do our cutting, so we were able to just sit and sew the following day.  No photos of the second quilt because I didn't think you would find my 3 little finished 9-patches very exciting to look at.  The quilt is actually really simple, but the fabric choices and the setting make it very charming.  The blues Carrie used in hers are the fabulous florals from Moda's Chocolat collection, although our kits contained fabrics from the Roman Holiday line.  I'm adding a few of the Chocolat florals to make my borders a little more scrappy.

Since blocks we worked on Tuesday were a gazillion 9-patches, it was a much more relaxed day.  We spent lots of time visiting and talking to our idol.  Carrie's aunt Marilyn was also at the classes both days (she lives in Washington state) and in talking to her, I discovered we used to belong to the same guild, although our paths never crossed.

The ladies of Reardan's Presbyterian Church fixed us the most fabulous, gourmet lunches and desserts both days.  We were truly pampered!  Carrie also had many of her finished quilts on display in the classroom, and gave each of us a new little Schnibbles pattern that has not yet been released!  My quilt shop coworkers are GREEN with envy.

When we packed up to leave on the last day, I was in the hallway of the church and Carrie came out and gave me a huge bear hug and told me how nice it was to meet me.  I have a serious girl crush on Carrie, and also on Nicole - they are both the nicest people ever and I wish we could meet every week and just sit down and sew together!

More update after this weekend when I can get a little more unpacking done and show some of the wonderful fabrics I bought at the Buggy Barn.


  1. I'm glad you got enjoy Carrie and her wit. She's a sweetie and a great friend.

  2. Thanks for telling all that went on at the Buggy Barn, Lisa! Love the photo of you and your "idols" - lol! I also love the bear paw blocks! They are lovely! They do look difficult, however, so I can see how it could be confusing. A "humility" block - OMG, I have too many of those!! Of course, I don't tell anyone about it, and most of the time, it's not noticed!!'s our secret!! LOL!!!
    Someday, I hope to take one of Carrie Nelson's classes, too - I love her patterns, and it sounds like I would love her, too.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Sounds great! I'll have to take a class there some day!

  4. Oh what fun blocks! It sounds like your trip was simply fantastic. I can't wait to see the other pattern you're working on!

  5. Sounds like a really fun class with a fantastic teacher. I would love to take one of Carrie's classes maybe next year.

  6. Hello to you all from "kiwi down under". I have picked up a couple of books for quilts by Carrie Nelson and realise it's 90% what fabric you use. Help. I cannot find anything like hers in New Zealand's selection. Would you be so kind as to advise me of where to get her fabrics. Better still has she a web address?
    Thanking you all, and happy quilting!
    Karilyn Brown.

  7. >
    Oh no... you're comparing me to Keith Richards?
    Hi Lisa! You're so funny. It was a pleasure meeting you and Nicole too! I'm with you, Nicole didn't seem too excited about having a "humility block" in her quilt. The funny thing is, mine really do happen by accident. No matter how much I look and how many blocks/parts I move or sew/un-sew, it seems that I always wind up with something I would "fix". I'm guessing this is "someone's" way of telling me I need a good dose of humility more than Nicole does. :)
    Did you tell everyone how I started talking about your Zuzu's Petals quilt without realizing that it was your quilt? That is still one of my favorite quilts!
    Take care and yes, I'll be checking back to see how your quilts turn out -- after you finish everything else on your "project list"!