November 21, 2007

Brand new, gung-ho quilter!

Friends_2 I consider Rani one of my dearest friends, even though we have never met.  We met on the internet and have known each other now for over 11 years.  Yes, she is my original "Imaginary Friend."  We have been together through trying to get pregnant, the birth of and raising of our children.  We have shared many laughs and tears over the years, she has helped me through some very rough times in my life and I hope that I have been there for her through her rough times as well.

She got me started cross stitching when my boys were babies, and then encouraged me to start knitting again.  I've been working at trying to get her hooked on quilting, and I think now that she is well on her way.  Go to her blog and just look at the gorgeous new quilt she just finished, after recently completing her very first quilt just a few short weeks ago (which is already quilted and bound, to boot)!

I'm so glad you've joined me in this wonderful hobby obession, Rani.  Looks like you are going to be a very talented quilter!


  1. OMG, you are the best ever! How sweet. =) And yes, you have helped me through many a hard time. More than you could ever know. Happy Thanksgiving, gf!

  2. Your friend's quilt is just lovely (and I left a comment to let her know that)!