July 24, 2008

Summer's Arrival!

Summer1 Well yes, of course, summer has *been* here for a month, but my little slice of summer arrived yesterday from Tucson.  My swap partner, Jo-Anne, made me this wonderful little summer quilt - isn't it beautiful?   I love the design and the colors.  It just screams summer to me.  Thank you so much Jo-Anne!

And look at the cutie pie label she made for the back too!  Oh boy, I hope my partner can forgive the fact that I didn't label mine, nor did I include a method for hanging (this was my first swap, I'm a newbie!).

Jo-Anne also included 2 crocheted dishcloths, which my daughter covets as blankets for her Webkinz.  I also got some cute notecards and some bath stuff.  Mmmmm - I think a relaxing bath is in the cards for me tonight after a rough week.

Summer2 Thanks so much Jo-Anne, this was a lot of fun and the little summer quilt will look awesome on the end table in my living room - it's the perfect size!



  1. Lucky you! That's a sweet little quilt.

  2. I ran across your post while searching for crocheted dishcloths. wow - that quilt is beautiful. I've tried my hand at it, but always get discouraged. enjoy your gifts!

  3. Cute little quilt. And I see your eyes!!!! LOL

  4. That quilt is adorable - she did a great job! Love the label, too! The crocheted dishclothes are lovely and will work well for whatever use they're put to! The Webkinz have to stay warm, right? LOL! I'll have to see if my granddaughter wants little blankets for her Webkinz, too!

  5. thats sweet, espeacilly if you have guests over, you could serve lemonade and iced tea with jam and bisquits on it!!