August 5, 2008

There is No Joy in Mudville

MudvilleHere is a "near finish" - my Fig & Plum Jelly Stars quilt.  I say Nearly Finished because I will need to wait until our Fig & Plum bolts arrive in the shop in September so I can choose a border and add it before this goes up on display.  After sewing two back-to-back shop samples, I find myself in a huge slump.

None of my gazillion piles of fabric or patterns is inspiring me right now.  I had planned to resume work on my Golden Memories Sampler, but I have no patience right now for cutting out a fafillion log cabin strips.

Last night I started to assemble the first of my Designer Mystery blocks from the Fat Quarter Shop and managed to finish half the block, but even found no joy in that, although I love the Peace on Earth fabrics.  Maybe it's the weather - much too hot for a delicate Pacific Northwest flower such as myself (snort!).

Here's hoping I can find my Quilting Muse, and soon!


  1. I think your Nearly Finished Jelly Stars is gorgeous. That border just sets everything off beautifully. I think it will be awhile before I finish anything, nearly or otherwise! I won't even get a chance to sew this weekend. Sara and I are in a fashion show on Saturday so there goes that prime day!

  2. I know how you feel. I live in Salem, and it already feels hot in my house. Yuck! I finally got cool enough to want to do anything at around 10 last night. Just in time for bed. At least it wasn't so hot we couldn't sleep. Stinkin heat!

  3. The Jelly Stars quilt is lovely unfinished, that's for sure. I am happily waiting to see it in its finished state. I haven't worked on my Designer Mystery BOM yet, either. Too many other things calling my name right now! I hope your muse comes back to you soon. It was a scorcher yesterday, wasn't it? Much too hot for me, too. I think Quilting Muses like cooler weather.

  4. Your jelly stars top turned out great! I'm right there with ya. I have the log cabin blocks to make yet for the Golden Memories sampler too! I'll work on mine if you work on yours! ;0)

  5. I'm really enjoying the stars all together! Have you thought of setting the whole unit on point? Perhaps when the bolts arrive, there will be a large-scale print that would go nicely in large half-square triangles on the corners? Something to think about...
    Perhaps you need a break from quilting! What about a little hand-work project? Embroidery is "in" right now, I keep seeing Sublime Stitching online... maybe you could stitch something to use in a quilt. Or something else like a yarn craft. Possibly a complete break from textiles. Maybe a quick book would help you out... I just read a fun one called "Some Nerve" by Jane Heller. Or MAYBE you just need to spend some time *enjoying* the heat ... beside a pool!
    Give yourself permission to take a break from sewing and soon your inspiration will return!
    Suzy :)

  6. I can't wait to see what border fabric you select. It's very pretty. It's OK to take a break. That happens every once in a while and then, wham, you get hit again and nothing will keep you down!
    Nancy in WI

  7. Fafillion? ROTFL!!! =) That quilt is gorgeous. Lovely job. Truly. =)

  8. When I get in a quilty slump, I clean my sewing room. I usually find my mojo in a forgotten project. Also, I keep a list of projects I'd like to make in the front of a project journal - it helps to remind me of that fleeting inspiration!