September 8, 2009

I'm still here!

Boys09 Thelma emailed me a few days ago wondering if I was ok, since I hadn't posted in so long.  I apologize to anyone who has stopped here and found nothing new since the pillowcase post.  I've been busy with a secret sewing project that I can't share right now, and with getting the kids back to school (yesterday!) and also with getting myself prepped (mentally and physically) for an unpleasant medical procedure.  I tell ya - they can put a man on the moon, so why can't they make the colonoscopy prep even the least bit palatable?  Yikes.  Oh well, kids are back to school, I made it through my test with no complications, and I'm still sewing like a mad woman.

Lily09I'm taking a little break from stunt sewing to work on my Year of Schnibbles project.  I'm nearly 2/3 finished, and waffling between "I really like this!" and "Oh my, I'm not sure these fabrics work for this pattern!"  So I hope to have that project to show you in a couple of days.  Come back, please?  I swear I won't always be this boring!

How about some cute kid pictures to distract you?  My boys started 7th grade yesterday - MIDDLE SCHOOL!   How did that happen?   And my daughter started 4th grade - she is very excited to be at elementary school without her brothers, so now she has her own little kingdom!


  1. The boys are as handsome as ever, but that Lil kills me in her preppy outfit with converse. LOVE IT!
    You know I couldn't agree with you more on that prep. Yuck!

  2. I'll take adorable first day of school pictures any day! Is the first day picture day? Your kids are way better dressed than the ones I see waiting for the bus in my neighborhood. Too Cute!!
    A big gold star to you for getting your colonoscopy, I hope you rewarded yourself accordingly!!!
    I've rearranged my Schnibbles project on my design wall no less than 10 times. So far I've spent more time pondering than sewing. I just know the perfect combination is there......

  3. Is that the cutest Back To School outfit EVER? Yes, I think it is! Lily looks so adorable. And those boys of yours! Lisa, they are so grown up looking! Junior High? What next?
    I have all of Friday off, and plan to work for half the time on my stunt sewing and the other half of the time on my Schnibbles of the Month. I have my colorways all figured out and know it will be great with Gobble Gobble.

  4. Congrats on back to school! What cute kiddos-don't they just get big too fast!
    Thanks for the comment on my new blog! I need all the web love I can get! Can't wait to see what you've been working on-the secret stuff and the Schnibble! I'm afraid to say, my Schnibble is still sitting in a lonely pile, untouched, uncut, temporarily unnoticed. Just too much other stuff going on this week! Let's cross our fingers for a productive weekend! Take care!

  5. Oh the kids are so adorable, Lisa! Mr. Squash was doing his prep on Tuesday for yesterday's colonoscopy - passed with flying colors! We learned that adding a little Crystal Lite makes the prep taste much better! Why don't they tell you this before hand! Hope all went well for you!

  6. Lisa, they are such happy young men and such a sweet young lady. Now, as for you still being around ~ you know that completely blew my latest thieving plans. In the dark of night is completely blown. I thought you were on vacation. Sheesh. Thanks for that! I had a plan, too. That orange quilt YOU made.
    The best laid plans....

  7. Schnibbles look like so much fun. And your kids are CUTE, the spitting image of their mom.