June 6, 2010

How I spent Sunday

Cure To start the morning off, my friends and I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - we completed the 5K walk.   It was raining in Seattle, as it has every day for what seems like forever, but it was a warm day and we didn't get too wet.

That's Charlene on the left, me in the center and my BFF Cecilia, a breast cancer survivor, on the right.   (Note:   My mom reminded me that I neglected to mention my Grandma Lois was a 39-year breast cancer survivor.   Believe me, I thought about Grandma many times yesterday.)

I got home around 1 p.m. and went straight to my tidy and inviting sewing room.   I'm calling my current project Anna Elizabeth.  I'm making Carrie Nelson's Elizabeth quilt and I'm using an older Moda collection from Blackbird Designs called Anna's Starry Nights.   I've had these fabrics for ages, but when I saw a small version of this quilt using these fabrics in the Small Quilts magazine, I knew I'd finally found the perfect project for my Anna's Starry Nights.

Annaelizabeth I don't have any of the background fabrics from the collection, but I found a Lakehouse fabric with cursive writing on it.  I'm having to take this slowly - one block at a time - because the background fabric is directional and I want to make sure the lines of writing are all parallel.   They're not necessarily facing the same direction - some writing is upside down - but I decided not to be *that* finicky.   So far I like the quilt.   And it's really fun to piece.


  1. Lisa, You're working magic with those fabrics and I'm not just tossing out silly words like I usually do.
    Inspiring to see you out there doing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Your BFF Cecilia is special. She and a special member of my family carries a form of that name so she doubly caught my attention. Actually, I need to check on that. Was her name Celita or Celia. Mental note to self.
    Is Charlene a quilter? She has a lovely smile. Nice gal. What's she doing with you? Whew. Back to me old self I am!!!

  2. Oh Lisa your Little Elizabeth is so pretty!

  3. Congrats on your Race for the Cure! I adore that quilt. So beautiful!

  4. Lisa -- Congrats on you "Race for the Cure" adventure. Remember your grandma was a 39 year breast cancer survivor!
    By the way -- you look fabulous! (Do I sound like a Mom?)
    Your quilt is awesome, I like the colors. I am anxious to see it up close and personal.
    Can't wait to see you on Friday!

  5. You are adorable looking in that picture! So fit and fresh and cute! Great cause too. Your Anna Elizabeth quilt is wonderful. That is one of my all time favorite fabric collections. The burgundy is perfect for the Delectable Mountain points.

  6. That's wonderful you did that walk! Maybe some day for me. I had a mammogram in December and in January I found a lump. It never did show up on a mammogram but the biopsy proved it was breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy in February and just finished radiation 2 weeks ago. No lymph node involvement and no chemo. I got it early. Thanks for participating and I am so happy your friend is a survivor AND your grandma! I have a FQ stack of Anna's Starry Night and I am going to be making that little quilt some day too! Nancy in WI

  7. Congratulations on participating and completing the 5K!!
    OH MY, is your quilt lovely or what!! I'm loving your fabric choices for this wonderful pattern. You're off to a great start!!

  8. Hi Lisa...glad you came over for a visit while I was away to the beach....this is the first chance I've had to pop in on you since I've been back. Love your STASH!! OMG...all those delightful bundles. Also how fun to see all those projects....I always say not enough lifetime for all projects I wish to make. It is fun to find somebody with same mind set!! Hugs to you and enjoy your week ahead. Mary