October 4, 2010

Day 1: Seattle-Chicago-Lisle

Veggies Midday Thursday, I left from Seattle with temperatures in the low 50s and buckets of rain coming down.   I arrived at Chicago O'Hare to 90 degree temperatures!   The temperature moderated while we were in Illinois, so it was more like the Northwest weather I am used to, so I felt very at home!

Nicole and I had timed our flights so that they arrived around the same time.  It worked out perfectly so that Thelma could pick up Nicole at her terminal's baggage claim, and then swing by and pick me up just as I gathered my belongings and not have to bother with parking at the airport.

We left the airport and headed to Lilsle, where we spent our first night in Illinois.   We had a very delicious dinner in our hotel - look at Thelma's delicious tower of grilled veggies! - then we turned in fairly early to prepare for our big day ahead on Friday.

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  1. Wow! I could go for the veggies! That plate looks scrumptious!