March 31, 2011

Stack of deliciousness

French I've had these French General fat quarters in my possession for some time now, but I have waited to find just the right pattern to showcase them.

The right pattern just fell into my hot little hands, by way of a new friend I met while visiting Illinois last fall.  My new friend, Monique Dillard, has been designing beautiful patterns and cool tools for years now.  In fact, Nicole and I did a sew along in 2007 using a sampler pattern of Monique's - Country Gatherings.   Here's a link to my quilt from Monique's design, Imaginary Friend.

Monique's exciting news is the April 2011 release of her book from C&T Publishing, Fat Quarter Winners.  Some awesome patterns and really unique techniques for putting those fat quarters in your stash to good use.  

Friends Nicole, Thelma and I want to congratulate Monique on her book, and feature some of her patterns, techniques, and interviews on our blogs so you can see just how beautiful and fun they are to make.   Please join us next week and throughout the month of April to see us introduce our projects to you, introduce Monique to you, and - did I mention? - there will be PRIZES!


  1. I SO love the French Generals, they are so beautiful. I'd be hard pressed to choose a "worthy" project of them for fear I wouldn't do them justice!

  2. Hi Lisa! Prizes are always fun, but I'm really looking forward to the interviews!

  3. What a perfect introductory post for our "Month of Monique".......I can hardly wait to see your project finished in those wonderful French General fabrics.

  4. Oh goodness, I love French General's lines of fabrics, always so beautiful. I want to get Pom Pom and maybe I wil make one of Monique's quilts out of this line. This book is a must have.