April 27, 2011

Fat Quarter Winners Blog Tour - The One Where Lisa Drops the Ball

IMG_0254 I was behind the eight ball.
I dropped the ball.
I blew it.
The buck stops here.
In other words, I didn't finish my Pinochle quilt.

Sorry to disappoint - I did get the first row completed (one-third done!).   I hope you will stop by again to see the quilt top once it's finished.   I really like the way it's turning out with a mix of French General collections.   I have some pretty Rural Jardin prints picked out for borders.


  1. You didn't drop anything... Life does sometimes interfere with our cherished sewing time... What you have shared looks grand...so, love the lil tease and can't wait to see more as it unfolds... It inspires us:)

  2. Hey. What you have accomplished is AWESOME! That is going to be one of your prettiest quilts ever Lisa. Your choice of fabric is brilliant, and gives the quilt a wonderful mosaic effect. I love it. I would like to hear more about your choice for color placement. Did you use less of the blues than the reds? Or have you been totally random? It is so complex looking, and madly interesting.

  3. The fabrics are wonderful and it looks awesome! We all understand and can't wait to see how it looks in the end. There are a lot of pieces in this quilt...let me tell you! :)

  4. I love what you've got so far and don't worry about that ball-thing. It's called "life".
    I don't know why we do this but we're always in a rush to finish things, so much so that we sometimes stop enjoying the process of it all. If you're loving your quilt ~ and seriously, what's not to love? ~ then don't worry about it not being finished yet. It will get there and you'll show it to us when its ready. And trust me, we'll all be waiting to see it.
    So can you hurry up and finish it already?

  5. I love that quilt so much! It is sooooo pretty. As for dropping the ball - you are juggling so many balls that no one can blame you for dropping one little one. ;-) A full-time job outside the home and another part-time job plus being a mom (another more than full-time job), commuting, and taking care of all the other things you do. And then to have a distraction of a zippy new car, well I totally understand. =)
    Can't wait to see the finished result. Hurry, hurry! lol

  6. Ah, yes...life...it does get in the way, but I know you'll finish and I'll be waiting at the finish line, Lisa! What I see so far is gorgeous - I love the fabrics - not sure why but it reminds me of a cool mountain stream - isn't that funny? Anyway, I love it and look forward to completion!

  7. Very pretty so far, but take your time and enjoy the process. That's one of the reasons we love quilting.

  8. Looks fabulous to me! Can't wait to see it all completed...in time...