April 13, 2011

Fat Quarter Winners Blog Tour - Tutorial Week

Thanks for stopping by today.  My tutorial uses one of Monique's great rulers, Fit to Be Square.  I'm not a huge fan of square in a square blocks, but only because I could never get the accuracy I liked from the block.  Construction of the block using Monique's tool produces a perfect square in a square - every time!


For my demo, I'm starting with 3 squares - one center square and two, slightly smaller outer squares.  First you will cut the outer squares once diagonally so you end up with 4 triangles.

Sew 2 triangles to opposite sides of your center square and press your seams (mine are pressed open, naturally!).

Now sew the remaining triangles to the other 2 sides of your center square and trim your dog ears before pressing.  You will end up with 2 dog ears at each corner, one small and one large.  I use my scissors to trim these off at the sewing machine.

Now press your block and you will end up with something that looks like this - a square in a square block with extra fabric around the outside.


Now here is where the magic happens.   Take Monique's ruler and lay it on top of one of the points of your block, thusly, and trim along the top edge of your ruler.   Then rotate your block and repeat this for each of the 4 edges and guess what?  You will have your perfect quarter-inch seam allowance.


I'm afraid I have no progress to show you on my Pinochle quilt this week.  I'm trimming all the half square triangles for my blocks and throwing them into a colander so I can randomly draw them out and pair them for my scrappy blocks.

Keep checking in with my blog buddies to see their quilts coming together.

Nicole, Sister's Choice Quilts - Monday

Monique, Open Gate Quilts - Tuesday

Thelma, Cupcakes 'n' Daisies - Wednesday

and finally, Moi - Thursday

See you in a week (if not sooner)!


  1. This has been such a fun tour. Love what you gals are showing. The book looks like a winner, for sure.

  2. Thanks for all the tips. I'm getting this ruler for sure.

  3. I sure wish I'd had Monique's ruler for my last quilt which was all square-in-square! Now I have it and can't wait to make perfect, no-hassle blocks! Thanks for a super tutorial on how to use the ruler, Lisa!

  4. Great tutorial! That ruler is a must for me !

  5. I LOVE the Fit to be Square Ruler too, and before I had one I didn't like square in a square blocks. Best invention since sliced bread! :)

  6. Liked the tutorial on the square-in-a-square. Thanks for the post.

  7. Great Job, you've convinced me I need one of those rulers!

  8. Never thought of using this for square in a square. Makes perfect sense!

  9. I have this ruler.. I need to find the right pattern to use it, then i can reference this tutorial! LOL! Thanks!

  10. So here's my question (and the number one reason that I've almost given up on making these blocks even though I love so many patterns which feature them), how do you get the triangle centered on the square? Do you pinch-press the centers and match them up? Ball-park evenness on either side? Or just go with bigger-than-you-need squares and trim later? Inquiring minds need to know (because there are quilts to be made!) :)

  11. Those rulers look awesome. I will have to look for them.. This has been a fun tour.