May 14, 2012

My Good Fortune

The second Schnibble I finished for my office is this one, Good Fortune. It's made with Moda's Howard Marcus Traditions fabrics, the same as Carrie's example. I love the colors and this quilt could not have gone together any more perfectly.

Another one of the small quilts I've been working on has a diagonal set like this quilt, but the designer does not explain that you need to trim the 4 corner units before putting the quilt together. I was pulling my hair out wondering why things weren't fitting. I'm once again reminded how thorough and accurate Carrie's directions are.


  1. This turned out beautiful! I love the colors and the pattern! :)

  2. OH, Your Good Fortune is Gorgeous!!! This is one of my favorite Schnibbles patterns and one that I don't have yet...I do believe I need to remedy that situation very soon now! Hugs...